Our History 

The Pakistani Students' Association (1987-2019)

A club full of life and joy – PSA McGill has been the colourful picture of Pakistani people at McGill and the greater Montreal community. We promise you an experience like no other.


Whether you are interested in politics or meeting more like minded Pakistanis, we have something for everyone. If you jump for joy when you hear the words biryani or cricket, then you have come to the right place. PSA McGill has a long standing history of making new Pakistani students feel at home.


We believe in creating a forum where anyone can speak about issues that are important to them, we have facilitated debates on numerous topics ranging from political to social issues related to Pakistan.

For more than thirty years, the Pakistani Students’ Association has committed itself to bringing the vitality and vibrancy of Pakistani life to the McGill community.


Today, the organization is still fundamentally dedicated to three main objectives:

1) Educating the McGill community about what Pakistan, its culture, and its people have to offer to the greater world.

2) Establishing a forum to discuss political and social issues which directly involve Pakistan.

3) Creating a social fabric to connect students of all majors and interests through the experience and celebration of culture.

In addition, we also believe in having fun and because of that we have hosted Eid brunches, BBQ’s, movie nights, cricket leagues and our most popular annual formal.


Contact any of our execs for more information and make sure to come say Hi at our next event!

Past Presidents

2018-2019                      Kamal Malik | Anil Kewlani

2017-2018                      Arsum Nadeem | Nida Babar

2016-2017                      Safder Haider | Zain Ali

2015-2016                      Muhammad Khan | Abdullah Fazal

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